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"The Original" JPMBB Baby Wrap - CREAM, Lolita Pink (Second Choice)
Victim of its own success!
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We present this color as "second choice" because the cream color of this series may rub off on washing.
There is no impact on the safety or the mechanical properties of the wrap.

The faded blue or pink on cream may nevertheless be prevented and limited using absorbent wipes and / or white vinegar to fix colors.

In addition to washing instructions:
For the first wash only, add a teaspoon of white vinegar and 2 absorbent bags to fix the colors and prevent discoloration.
During dry flat, the pocket should not be in contact with the wrap.

In case cream has absorbed another color washing, use a standard bleach.

With the JPMBB wrap, do the knot once before installing baby inside the wrap. You can place baby in various positions without untying the knot: front, hip, back regarding baby's age and needs.


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Meilleure écharpe de portage ConsoBaby 2012 2013 2014 JPMBB Écharpe de portage Originale 4,5/5 par Made For Mums

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L'ensemble de la gamme Je Porte Mon Bébé Love Radius par JPMBB reconnue par la International Hip Dysplasia Institute

We care about Baby's physiology

The whole range of Love Radius' babycarriers - the physiological babycarrier HoodieCarrier, the physiological babycarrier PhysioCarrier, the Original JPMBB Baby Wrap, the Little Wrap Without A Knot, and the BASIC JPMBB baby wrap- is recognized as hip-healthy products for Baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).


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