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Doll Wrap

  • JePorteMonPoupon BASIC - Pearl
    JePorteMonPoupon Pearl
    19 €
  • JePorteMonPoupon BASIC - Retro Blue
    JePorteMonPoupon Retro Blue
    19 €
  • JePorteMonPoupon BASIC - Pink Nude
    JePorteMonPoupon Pink Nude
    19 €
  • JePorteMonPoupon BASIC - Misty Green
    JePorteMonPoupon Misty Green
    19 €
  • JePorteMonPoupon BASIC - Red Carmine
    JePorteMonPoupon Red Carmine
    19 €

They use it

In details

L'ensemble de la gamme Je Porte Mon Bébé Love Radius par JPMBB reconnue par la International Hip Dysplasia Institute

We care about Baby's physiology

The whole range of Love Radius' babycarriers - the physiological babycarrier HoodieCarrier, the physiological babycarrier PhysioCarrier, the Original JPMBB Baby Wrap, the Little Wrap Without A Knot, and the BASIC JPMBB baby wrap- is recognized as hip-healthy products for Baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).


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