In 2019
Je Porte Mon Bébé

Because except if you're French, Je Porte Mon Bébé is as hard to pronounce as:
Estic portant el meu bebè , Jeg har på min baby, Mam na sobie moje dziecko, Bebegimi giyiyorum
Because our mission is to offer safe proximity with the loved ones + free hands.
It sums up as the "Love Radius"
Because life’s too short to say in 4 words what can be said in 2
Because the words Love + Radius represent more accurately the indisputable fact that babywearing enhance physiological process during the first weeks:
hormones, thermal regulation, oxytocin, attachment, confidence, lactation, deglutition…
Because mixing english + latin represents
where we are + where we’re from
This new name is our choice
We proudly continue to use our historical name on all the administrative side
Nothing changes except the name
Products, people, mission and quality = the same
L'ensemble de la gamme Je Porte Mon Bébé Love Radius par JPMBB reconnue par la International Hip Dysplasia Institute

We care about Baby's physiology

The whole range of Love Radius' babycarriers - the physiological babycarrier HoodieCarrier, the physiological babycarrier PhysioCarrier, the Original JPMBB Baby Wrap, the Little Wrap Without A Knot, and the BASIC JPMBB baby wrap- is recognized as hip-healthy products for Baby by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI).


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